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It's often difficult for a business owner to be objective about his business. This is even truer in the case of a small business where the connection between the owner and the business is very personal in nature. A small business owner, especially in the start up stage, puts everything into his business and the small group of people who work with him are almost like part of his family. This is great and leads to team building and improved morale. And while this makes it difficult to be objective about the risks and dangers that every business faces, to ignore them is to invite disaster. If there were no risks in business, everyone would be a millionaire. But there are, and being so close to the issues involved, it's often difficult for the business owner to identify them.

Do You Know The Kind Of Insurance Coverage Your Business Needs?

That's why Insurance by Allied Brokers does not just provide a range of insurance policies for small businesses, we work with the owners to identify risks and the amount of protection required. At Insurance by Allied Brokers, we know that every business is different and a cookie cutter approach to providing insurance will never provide the specific protections that different businesses need. For example, a dry cleaner may need extra protection against his cleaning equipment breaking down and causing loss of business. This will be needless for a retailer who may require coverage against employee dishonesty, theft and fraud. We have over 50 years of experience in meeting the insurance needs of California Bay Area businesses and we have the knowledge, tools and insurance products to provide you with the right insurance policies for your business.

Business Owner's Insurance

A business needs three basic types of coverage - property, liability and worker's compensation. There are a range of business owner's policies (BOPs) that are designed as packages to offer both property and liability coverage at affordable premiums. While these package policies provide most of the general property and liability coverage that most small businesses need, attention has to be paid to the extent of coverage available.

As in all insurance policies, there will be exclusions. Most businesses need special endorsement to provide them the kind of coverage that is specific to the work, location and circumstances. For example, the Bay Area has many earthquake and flood zones. A business may need endorsement to cover one or both of these eventualities. Or a place of business many have inherent risks for visitors. Special coverage will have to be included to cover possible liability claims. Insurance by Allied Brokers will analyze your business's specific needs and chalk out an insurance plan to offer you the maximum coverage.

Worker's Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is something you cannot run a business without. It's mandated by law in every state. It's not just about protecting you and your employees from medical expenses incurred for on the job injuries. Do you know about Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)? EPLI not only protects you from claims for damages for unlawful termination of employment, but against claims a hurt or angry employee can make against you. What has this to do with worker's compensation? Everything - an employee can make all kinds of claims for compensation, not only those related to injury. At Insurance by Allied Brokers we know the kinds risks and the types of coverage you need to protect your business from claims made by employees. We'll be happy to explain it all to you and work out the kinds of protection you need.

The Cost Of Insurance

Few businesses are cash rich and the cost of the premiums is an important factor. Being over insured and paying too much is a waste of money that could be more profitably employed elsewhere. But cutting corners on your insurance to save on premiums can spell disaster when you need to make a claim. At Insurance by Allied Brokers we know how small businesses work and the special circumstances they operate under. We will help you to not just get the amounts of property, liability, compensation insurance you need at the cost you can afford, we will always be ready to review your coverage needs as your business grows to ensure that you are always fully protected.

Complete Small Business Insurance At One Place

For all your business insurance needs, Insurance by Allied Brokers offers you the professional and personalized service you require. Visit our website to get an idea about the range of insurance services we offer and the leading insurance companies that we represent. Contact us on phone number (650) 328-1000, fax number (650) 324-1142, or email us at You can also get in touch with us using the Online Contact Form.

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