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Welcome to Insurance by Allied Brokers' June 2010 Newsletter!
Giants Tickets Drawing - May Winner
Winner from May 2010 Drawing

James and Kristen Kuppe
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Client of the MonthHalf Wit Wines, LLC
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PO Box 29190
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What Do You Look For In An Insurance Company (^ back to top)
With the number of insurance companies offering their services to you and the huge variety of insurance policies available, choosing an insurance company to deal with and the policies you need can be not just time consuming, but also full of unseen hurdles. The types of policies you need will depend upon your personal circumstances, but there are some general guidelines you can use in selecting an insurance company. Insurance companies are governed by strict laws and regulations within which they must operate. Because of this they may all seem to be the same. But keeping an eye open for the following factors may help you in your selection process.

1. While insurance companies may offer all types of policies, some have a greater focus on certain areas, like home and auto insurance, for example. Dealing with an insurance brokerage that represents a number of reputed companies means that the advice you get on the insurance company and policy to opt for will be objective since there will be no reason for bias towards any one particular insurance company. Also the broker will be able to assist you in making comparisons.

2. Check out the standing of the company. How is it rated by magazines such as Forbes and other business publications? While a high rating is not a guarantee of good service, it's comforting to know that the company you plan to deal with has a good reputation and is considered to be client friendly.

3. How forthcoming are the agents in answering your questions? Companies whose agents are evasive or unclear in their responses may have some weaknesses they are trying to hide. Another aspect to consider is how proactive the agents are in helping you get the right insurance. They should advise and guide you, clearly stating the pros and cons of each option. But beware of those who try and railroad you into taking policies that they think you should have.

4. How effective are their client service operations? You never know when you may need to contact the company. Is there a 24/7 hotline which you can call for help, whenever you need it?

5. All insurance companies offer discounts. How open is the company about its discount policies and how clearly stated are they? Many companies offer increased discounts if multiple policies are taken from them. There's no harm in this and in fact, it often makes things easier since you have to deal with only one company for all your insurance claims.

6. How simple is the claim process? Obviously, when you need to make a claim, you have suffered some accident or loss and the last thing you need at that time is to get involved in complicated procedures.

7. Ask the insurance broker if information is available on the percentage of policy holders who renew their policies with the company. The higher the volume of renewal, the great the satisfaction levels among clients.

8. Check out the A.M. Best rating of the company. Best is the country's oldest insurance monitoring company and an A or higher rating signifies an insurance company with a good reputation and a strong financial base.

9. Look for extras. For example, if auto repairs against approved claims are done at insurance company authorized repair facilities, some companies guarantee the work for as long as you own the car.

Reputed insurance companies are safe to deal with. But when you take a policy from a company, you are placing your future security and well being in their hands. How they respond to you when you need them can make a major difference to the way insurance helps you in your hour of need.
Save Money When You Fly (^ back to top)
Airlines charging for items that used to be included in the price of your ticket. Nowadays, with "unbundling" being all the rage, you can expect to pay up to $12 for a kit including a small pillow, blanket, and earplugs, and a buck or two for headsets. Essentially, the charges here are born of convenience-you're paying because you're in the right spot at the right time. Truly, can you think of any other scenario in which you would shell out up to $12 for what is essentially a square of fleece and a static-cling pillow? You're better off packing your carry-on bag wisely and including your own fleece, pashmina or scarf, sleep mask, and pillow-you'll get higher-quality products and a more restful experience.

Courtesy: USA Today
Chris Grammer
Connie Prince
Chris Grammar
Connie Prince
Personal Lines and Office Manager

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